1. What are pets?

2. Pet Quest (Get your first pet!)

3. Why should you get them?

4. Suggested Pet Leveling guide.

5. Pet Skills

6. Pet Form Changes (change pets looks)

Some descriptions of abbreviations: PUS (Power Up Store) click on the P icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Pet options screen: Press "P" on you keyboard (not to be confused with the Power Up Store.)


1. Pets are Knight Online beings that range from the Simple Kaul to the Versatile Hornet. Every level, they gain in attack, and they gain 10 defence points.


2. For the quest you simply need to go and talk to [Pet Trainer] Kate. She can be found to the right of the place you spawn when you [/town] or die or just plain start there when you log in.

You simply need to kill: 10 Kecoon 10 Worms 10 Bandicoots (Scavengers work also) 10 Bulcans

Then you go back to Kate and you Receive 1 Kaul's Egg and 5 Summon Pets.

Now speak to Kate and select "Familiar"

Then you right click on the egg, which zooms off into the box at the top. It is lots like the Anvil. You then put in the name of the Pet,and, PrEsTo! You get yourself on very special deformed purple moose!

(You can buy Summon pets at 11k each from Kate.) Pets are meant to be premium user only...I like some others can use them as none premium as long as i log into world 1 _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

3. I think that everyone should own a pet. If not for AUTOMATIC LOOTING, which you can get from the PUS, they are a great way to get experience when you are missing a weapon or something like that.


4. With your pet, it is CRUCIAL that you buy like 100 of the pots that you get when you begin the game. This will help you a lot.

Level 1: Kill worms. Level 2-4: Kill Blood Worms, 20xp at level 2, 16 to level 4 Level 5-7: Kill Kecoons, 36 XP each. Dont hit much either. (29 exp) Level 8 kecoon warrior gives 419 exp but u most pot! Level 9 -11 kecoon warrior gives 350 exp but u most pot! Level 8-9: Kill Scavenger Bandicoots, 48 xp at level 9 Level 10-13: Kill Bulcans (101 exp) Level 11 wild bulcans give 177 exp Level 12-14 Bultures give 512 exp but u most pot! Level 13-15: Kill Wild Bulcans Level 15+: Kill what you would usually kill at that level for your character. I think that Kecoon Captains are good XP at this level, but they hit a bit. 385xp per kill i think it is. Level 17 bultures give 410 exp


5. Here i will outline what skills the pet will get at which level.

Level 1: Desiganted Pet Attack

Level 10: Slap (Uses 4MP)

Level 20: razorsharp toenail (Uses 10MP)

Level 30: Heavy Attack (Uses 20 MP)

Level 30: Passion of the Soul (Uses 120MP) (you gain 120 life)?

Level 35: Firm Determination (Uses 200MP) (you gain 120? defence)

Level 40: Leg Bite (Uses 35MP) Level 50: Strong Fang (Uses 50MP)

Level 55: Passion of the Soul2 (Uses 250MP) (you gain x? life)

Level 60: Fatal Attack (Uses 75MP)

Level 60: Firm Determination (Uses 350MP) (you gain x? defence)


6. At certain levels, you can change what you pet looks like. I do not know what they change into, but i think its random.

Level 20: Form Change(L). Changes your pet to make it look better!

Level 40: Form Change(M). Changes your pet slightly better!

level 50: Form Change(H). Changes your pet to the best form!

These will get your pet from looking like a demented moose to something sweet. _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-


PET AUTO ATTACK: To get your pet to auto-skill attack right-click on the skill/skills on your pets action bar; Whenever you direct the pet to attack a monster, it will use the skill frequently until its mana is used up or it or the monster dies. Pet seems to select the skill attacks in the order they are in eg: pet skill slot 3/4/5 whatever skills you placed into those slots.

EXPERIANCE LOSS: The official info says your pet will not lose any experiance if it dies, untill level 30+ this is incorrect! Pet loses 1 percent so i hear, well here are some examples from personal testing. Actual exp loss examples: Level ---- Exp loss 9 --------- 50 10 --------- 101 12 --------- 146 13 --------- 175 15 --------- 252 16 --------- 302 17 --------- 363 34 ---------10776

PET ARMOUR/WEAPON: Pets can have Weapon, armour and pendants (FUTURE PLAN FOR GAME...THIS PET ARMOUR/WEAPON FEATURE IS NOT YET IMPLEMENTED) The pet armour/weapons will be gained fom quests...that have not yet been implemented.

SATISFACTION LEVEL: You need to feed your pet. to increase its satisfaction level or it will run off? You can buy food at Kate's

Satation (satisfaction) drop rate: Pet will lose 1 satiation point every 2 minutes. leaf will raise satisfaction level by 29 points (29.15%) bread =(64.85%)

PET AUTOLOOT: - lasts 30 days - autoloot is not very fast You have to have a Certificate of Auto-Loot (buy from merchants or from PUS) turned into a Auto-Loot item (at the familiar tamer guy). Then open up your pet screen (P), go to the items tab, and equip the auto-loot item. At that point you can click the Attack/Defense mode button to an L for auto loot mode. If you want to use the pet on a different character, you need to unequip the auto-loot item from the pet, dis-summon the pet, and store both the pet and the item separately in your inn to use on a different character.

MOBS: Monster mobs can gang on your pet and this will damage it faster, be warned!

DROPS: Pet seems to get decent drops at lower levels anyway, seems to be similar to the noob character drops theory. Expect a lot of $5000 low quality jewels around morodon:)

HEALTH REGENERATION: Pet does auto heal over time, each level your pet gains it will regenerate 1 hp more. (Need to update this as im sure my lvl 35 pet auto heals 64~) but the numbers below are solid. Lvl 11 pet heals 8 hp every 10 seconds. Lvl 12 heals 9 hp Lvl 13 heals 10 hp Lvl 14 heals 11 hp Lvl 15 heals 12 hp

Mana does regenerate?

Mana/spell spamming: Dont be afraid to waste mana spamming (your pets mana, not your mana pots), if you know your pet will level soon it will replenish full mana:)

PET RESISTANCES: Pet gains resistances to Flame/Spells/Glacier/Curses/Lightning/Poison. Resitances do increase by 2 every level.

Very good pet calculator:

RANGED SKILLS: Ranged skills will not be used unless the monster is within your pets skill range, ie: your pet will not automattically move into range, you will have to get closer to the monster. Note: ranged attacks can attack a monster without it fighting back if your pet is at the correct range... experiment:)

EXPERIANCE GAINED FROM PET KILLS: You do gain experiance from pets kills. (Same experiance as if you had killed the monster yourself ...99 percent sure)

TANKING FOR PET: You cannot tank for pet, if a monster is attacking you, it will quickly turn on your pet if it is attacked by it. Having said that you can tank for the 1st hit, ie:let the monster attack you then tell your pet to attack the monster, this will buy your pet a tiny ammount of time....but a pointless task.

HELPING YOUR PET TO ATTACK/GAIN EXPERIANCE: You may help your pet attack a monster, the experiance your pet gains will be determined by how much damage it actually did to the monster, if you damage the monster 90 percent then your pet will get only a fraction of the full experiance it would have gained by doing all the damage itself, experiment with this technique as it does have some advantages...quicker level up possibilites with some monsters?/kill monster if it has nearly defeated your pet.

TELEPORTING: Your pet will teleport with you.

PET NOT USING SKILL/S: If your pet is not using his skills first check it has enough mana to use the skill, if it has enough mana then most likley your pet is too far or there is an obstacle in the way etc.

DISCONNECTIONS when pet is summoned: I had noticed more dissconnections with pet summoned and noted others mentioning same problem.

Pet autoloot scroll:

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